Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From Dinosaurs to Dodoes

It was Tuesday, and I was at the CIWP office as we waited for Carl. I had bought four Tampicos for $5 and four Mexican meals for $5 at Food Maxx, and we had postponed our World Market trip to Wednesday because we were waiting for Carl.

I remembered all the fun Carl had had reading about prehistoric animals, and how he and I would go through the pictures in the book as he said what each animal looked like. So I looked on the bookshelf until I saw a book titled From Dinosaurs to Dodoes. This must be it, I thought.

I opened the book and browsed through it in the couch room. I checked out the modern extinctions section, where I read about such animals as quaggas, thylacines, moas, Steller's sea cows and buffalo.
They iad a section on the passenger pigeon. I read about people shooting down these "txsty birds".

I put the book down and headed for the restroom. I purged off the "ice"s and "cream"s on the page (in case there were any), then did some "tadolasty, tadolasty, tadolasty . . ."

When I finished, I washed my hands and resumed reading.

I went back to the age of such creatures as the xenacanthus. I read a description that mentioned "bxny fish". Ewwwwwww!

Back to the restroom. I purged off any "bxne"s I may have seen on the page, then felt hard chocolate as I purged off "bxny": "badolony, badolony, badolony . . ."

My hands shifted to the left and right of my schlong. They rotated around the scrotum as I chanted "badolony". Finally it came out.

After I washed my hands, I put the book back.

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